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  • Listening to: Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi
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  • Playing: Mario Paint... xD
Happy New Year! HAHA well, well...
I just wanted to make sure that my journal wouldn't stay with only one miserable post...and now that it's january, 2010... I have to update almost everything... I have a bunch of drawings I did during the semester. Hoper you enjoy them and... Have a nice daaaaaay (8)
  • Listening to: What Have You Done - Within Temptation
  • Reading: Fan Fics!!! XD
  • Watching: My monitor? XD
  • Eating: You don't wanna know :D
  • Drinking: Wataaaah!
Well... It's the first time I write somewhere different from my blog :O I'm sort of a silly childish gurl :D but hey! people like me... I.. guess...
So... It's my FOURTH mont here... and i still don't know wut to post... i'm actually sort of ashamed of my drawings... But several friends suggested (and one of them actually forced me to ¬¬ ) me to join DeviantArt! And Here I Am!!! soooo... wut else can I tell you?
I like candies *_* LOL!
see ya soon